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Label Sourcing & Decoration

You’ve created a fantastic product, now you need a fantastic label for it.  The packaging you select is extremely important.  When your product is placed on the shelves alongside competitors, you have one chance to catch the eye of the consumer.  A great design with proper application is essential.  Along with brand and label design, PAK-HUB Holdings offers the following application methods to give your product the edge it needs:  

Shrink Sleeving

Sleeve labeling is a decorated plastic that fits over and on plastic, glass, or aluminum bottles, cans or jars. Sleeve labels, typically made from polyethylene or poly (vinyl chloride), are heat-shrinkable and may be held in place by raised edges above and below the label, or shrunk to conform to a shape that will hold them in place. Labels, which are supplied on a roll, are pulled into a labeler, cut, and slipped over the bottle. 

Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers


Pressure Sensitive Label

A pressure sensitive label is a label, pre-coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and (usually) adhered to a release-paper carrier that requires only a brief application of pressure to affect a bond.

Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers, lids, drink cups

Screen Printing

This decorating method uses a metal or plastic mesh screen that has been masked or blocked off in the non-printing areas. The screen is placed over the object to be printed. Ink wiped across the screen will only pass through the remaining porous areas to create an image.

Applications:  Bottles, laminate tubes, extruded tubes, pressure sensitive labels

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