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We specialize in a vast selection of products, ranging from cosmetic products, household and other popular products.  Some of our current projects include care care products, mold control products, muscle creams and more.  Do you have a product idea that you have been wanting to bring to market?  Let us help you make it a reality.  

Product Formulation

We have a full staff of chemists available to meet your needs. From creation of your own formulas or purchasing pre-made formulas for private labeling.  We have you covered.


Contract Filling & Labeling

We specialize in filling and labeling of products ranging from tubes, bottles, and pouches.  We can fulfill consistencies of water density to creams.


Private Labeling

We can handle your private labeling needs. Ask about our product and component program and let us customize one for you today.


What Can We Get Started For You?

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