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Packaging Options

Packaging options are endless and extremely important to the character of your product.  Bottles, cans, boxes, glass, plastic, cardboard.  What will be the best fit for your creation?  Let PAK-HUB Holdings help you with your decision.

Bottles, Cans & Jars

PAK-HUB Holdings has local and global suppliers of components such as bottles, cans and jars in almost every medium, including plastic, metal and glass. We can help you determine which bottle and closure fits your product and your budget.  To better help you in your selection, we can order samples of the components that you are most interested in.  Let us help you get started now.

Kit Packaging

Putting together multiple products into one package. This provides a variety of products which correlate with one another to be packaged together. 

Blister Packaging

A packaging technique, which involves the heat seal of a rigid, thermoformed outer shell, which houses a product, to a coated back card. A method commonly used for retail items contract packaging.

Bundle Wrapping

A very popular method of packaging heavier items such as cases on juice, vegetables, soda, etc. The film is cut to size and is shrunk around product leaving a bulls eye at each end of the package. This works great with high volume orders,contract packaging


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